Budapest Institute of Banking – eKKV program continues!

Grow your business with free E-learning training materials!

Free online training will be launched to facilitate digital transformation and generational change. The full course includes 70 hours of material on 9 different topics. They help to deepen practical knowledge with detailed examples. If your business or company is struggling with crisis management, international expansion, or business innovation challenges, the training material can help.

There are currently 8 modules available such as:

– Business innovation

– HR challenges and agile transformation

– Digitization

– Transfer of direct management

– Internal and external communication

– Change management

– International relations and expansion

– Financial planning and financing

Another module will be launched soon, some of which was helped by the Smart4Factory team.

If you want to know more about SMT production, you should read the article either on the website ( or in our next blog post.